Eltern: Multichampion Scooby Dooby Doo Forussi & Beauty Fly Rebecka Kiss of the New Year

Besitzer/owner: Laura Gabbard & Susan Simmons USA



Multichampion Scooby Dooby Doo Forussi

PL 0/0 PRA frei

Youth PL CH
Polish CH
Youth PL Club Winner ´04
Paparazzo Forussi

I CH LUX S D N F INT CH Lamonia´s Moby Dick
PL Fin CH Connection Di Casa Corsini

Youth PL Ch
Youth PL W´03
LV W´04
PL Club W´04

Caspian´s Moonlight

Silenzio´s Madam Rubina
Vittoria Zarah



Lamonia´s Moby Dick

PL 0/0

SUCH Lamonia´s Nicklas

Silenzio´s Nitro Dynamit
Ch. Lamonia's Petra

SUCH Lamonia´s Labolina


Sunshine Butterfly Don-Gismo

Beauty Fly Jamie say the Magic Word



Bonny 4 month